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      As a child, I endured many moves with my family due to my father’s career in the military.  With each move I had to figure out how to make new friends, get familiarized with a new neighborhood, and adjust to a new school.  Fast forward a couple of decades and I still find myself moving frequently from state to state with my own children in tow.  I work very diligently to help make my children’s transitions during our moves as easy as possible.

With each move that I make with my three amazing little travelers, I often wish I had more time to do extensive research prior to our arrival in a new place.  However, for a full time working mom, leisure time for research while in the middle of a cross country move with my family often just does not seem to present itself. 

That is why I have created Best Friend Finder and Relocation Services. 

Our goal is to make life’s transitions a great deal easier by giving our clients something precious- our time!  We provide many services that will not only make life’s transitions much easier- but will alleviate stress so that you may come to actually enjoy these times of change with your family!  Do you need help?  We provide directions and maps, lists of local connections, and welcome packets, as well as in person visits to research your new community and provide you with immense detail before you even  begin your journey. 

Rest easy.  You’ve got a new friend, and your transition just got a whole lot easier.

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