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Best Friend Finder

Are you moving- and dreading making New Friends?  Do you want to help your child make friends? Not a people person? From Pen Pals to Best Friends- we can help match you!  Moving and leaving your familiar surroundings and friends behind can add emotional stress to your life- and the lives of your children.  Let us help you to make this transition easier by connecting you with people who share common interests in your new home town! “Life is better when you do it with friends!”

Customized Relocation Packages

Are you too busy to research activities, play groups, new sports and hobby clubs for your family?  Do you have a family member with special needs and desire a support group in your new town?  We will put together a relocation package full of information which will guide you to clubs, organizations, and activities that your entire family will enjoy in your new home town!  Getting involved in your new local community will help to make the transition not only less lonely, but a lot more fun!

Adoption Book

As you welcome your new family member, we help to make the transition easier by creating a family book and welcome package to fit your unique family needs.  Are you traveling internationally or just across town?  We can help turn those memories into a special keepsake!  Contact us today to inquire about special keepsake memory books to showcase life’s most precious times!

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